Little princesses new drawings 小公主新畫作

Little princesses are here. Do you guys miss them? Alexis and Lily want to show you the new drawings they created.


Alexis (left) continues her own style of drawing, starts to pay attention to details and adds them in her artworks. Lily (right) starts to draw faces that could be recognized, huge improvement for her. Little kids grow so fast and observe so much better than adults do, they surprise me everyday. Mommy don’t know how to draw, I believe they will draw better than me in no time at all, LOL.



Lily was so proud of her side-way man with crazy hair, stayed there so still for me to take a picture.

Alexis saw me taking picture with her little sister, so she ran over and requested to have a picture taken too.

Artwork by Alexis, she added flowers, bows, fingers and even framed it.
drawing 7

Big sister tried to show and tell, little sister was listening carefully.
姐姐在講解和展示畫作,妹妹聽得很留心.drawing 3

Little princesses’s art jam.
小公主們的畫畫工作坊.drawing 4

Alexis added even more details in the picture. “Rainy day, it’s a rainy day.”
嘉嘉再畫多一點細節.”下雨天,今天是下雨天.”drawing 5

Alexis erased the whole drawing, as fun as drawing on the whiteboard, she drew this new happy character.
嘉嘉抹去舊作(抹畫板也好好玩),她再畫了這個開心主角.drawing 10

Lily saw big sister drew 2 ladders, so she copied and added into her drawing, such a quick learner.
晴晴看到大公主畫了2條梯,很喜歡這個構思,加入了在自己的畫作中,學得好快.drawing 6

She learned so fast, improve her drawing skills or copied her sister’s style so closely in just 20 minutes.
她學得真快速,短短20分鐘畫功再有進步.還是她的抄功厲害?新畫作與姐姐的風格很類似呢!drawing 8 

This is our family portrait, even though 1 dog is missing (we were leaving to visit grandparents, so she didn’t have time to finish). Guess who is daddy, mommy, Alexis, Lily and Leo.
這是全家幅畫作,但其中一隻狗仔消失了(其實因為要去探祖父母,所以她沒有時間完成).猜猜畫中誰是爸爸,媽媽,大公主,二公主和狗仔?drawing 9
Alexis’s version of family portrait. Grandparents are in the picture, guess who is grandpa and grandma?
嘉嘉版本的全家幅.祖父母都在畫中,大家估估誰是爺爺?誰是嫲嫲?drawing 11
Bonus pictures of Lily. Daddy was trying to tease mommy, he “styled” little princess’s hair into this another night. Then, he did it again the next morning, such a big teaser. Lily enjoyed it a lot, so I guess I couldn’t complain?
晴晴的額外照片.肥仔爸爸經常找辦法戲弄媽媽,某天晚上為二公主的頭髮”造型”.翌日早上,他重施故技想再取笑媽媽,真的無他辦法.妹妹很喜歡傻妹造型,所以媽媽也不能怪肥仔爸爸吧?lily hair 

He was so trying so hard to drive me crazy, found some bobby pins somewhere and tried to use them. However, he couldn’t keep the pin straight and the hair kept falling, I laughed so hard.

他真的絞盡腦汁去戲弄媽媽,不知從哪裏找來髮夾,還嘗試以髮夾固定頭髮.但他連髮夾也不知道如何用,頭髮一邊夾一邊掉下來,媽媽笑到肚痛.lily hair 12

1st time post little princesses related post here, these are extra bonus pictures taken in a salad bar about a week ago.

Lily salad bar

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